Collector Resources

Emily Hall Tremaine (1908-1987), on collecting art:

A collector has one of three motives for collecting: a genuine love of art, the investment possibilities, or its social promise. I have never known a collector who was not stimulated by all three. For the full joy and reward the dominant motivation must be the love of art but I would question the integrity of any collector who denies an interest in the valuation the market puts on his pictures. The social aspect is another never-ending regard. From Rome to Tokyo, our interest has brought unexpected and unbelievable experiences, and friends as full of vitality, imagination and warmth as the art they collect.

Following is an evolving list of resources I am organizing on Pinterest for the intrepid art collector, ranging from on-demand documentaries to online sales platforms and an introduction to outstanding art collections.

An Education: Art History
Modern and contemporary art essentials, history and theory.

An Education: Art Market
Research pertaining to the art market, past and present.

An Education: Collecting Art
Books and articles about the fundamentals of art collecting.

Watch: Art Documentaries
Must-see art docs, most of which are streaming on Netflix Instant or HBO GO.

Le Crème: Art Collectors
Great art collections worth studying.