Interior Study: Polished Imperfection

American expat fashion designer Rick Owens gave WSJ an exclusive look into his Paris home, which proves to be a flawless interior study of polished imperfection. Or, in his words, "glunge" - high end, glamorous grunge. Owens exposed the bare bones of the structure, former headquarters of the French Socialist Party under Mitterrand, through a minimalist aesthetic exemplified by the shower - a simple chrome unit attached to a concrete wall in a bare, open room with unfinished ceilings. The furniture throughout the home was designed by Owens, unifying the architecture and artwork to create a singular, cohesive experience. Of particular note is the artwork placement in the meeting room.

If a house in need of a total (or, in this case, artfully partial) renovation suits Owens, it may be because it conforms to his particularly unorthodox artistic vision, a love of polished imperfection that informs the clothing that has made him famous—a mode of dressing (and, more recently, home furnishings) that could be described as high-end, glamorous grunge.

"How do we make all the things around us beautiful?" Owens asks rhetorically, explaining his interior design philosophy. "Every switch plate, every sneaker, I want all the everyday stuff to be great. I would like a rock crystal toilet!

Rick Owens furniture available through Salon 94 
Photos by François Halard