Spring 2016


Neither One Thing or Another


The Jerwood/FVU Awards are major awards for moving-image artists in the first five years of their practice. 

The fourth edition of the awards is called Neither One Thing or Another is open to applicants from 12 January – 11 March 2016. Two artists will be selected to receive a £20,000 commission each which will show at Jerwood Space, London in 2017. The selection panel includes Steven Bode, Director, FVU; Duncan Campbell, artist and Turner Prize 2014 winner; Cliff Lauson, Curator, Hayward Gallery; Amy Sherlock, Reviews Editor, Frieze and Sarah Williams, Head of Programme, Jerwood Visual Arts.

To date the Jerwood/FVU Awards have endowed funds of £152,000 to support ten of the most exciting new talents to emerge on the contemporary art scene: Ed Atkins, Lucy Clout, Kate Cooper, Anne Haaning, Emma Hart, Karen Kramer, Naheed Raza, Marianna Simnett, Corin Sworn and Alice May Williams.

The Theme

We live in a time of transition: where some of the certainties that used to shape the world around us are starting to blur, or split apart. It can sometimes feel as if we are between one phase or place and another, without fully belonging to either one. As an expression of our uncertain contemporary standpoint, to be ‘neither one thing or another’ can imply a sense of falling between two stools.  But it can also be interpreted much more positively: unaffiliated and unattached; resistant to being superficially bracketed, while itching to define oneself differently. Either way, the various meanings of the phrase speak to a prevailing contemporary impulse while hinting at an underlying ambiguity and insecurity that is equally symptomatic of today.

City of Seattle Public Art Plan

City Center Public Art Plan

UPDATED CALL: The Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, (ARTS) in partnership with Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will commission one artist, or artist team of no more than two, to work with SDOT and ARTS staff to research, develop, and create a Public Art Plan for downtown Seattle based on current capital projects in Seattle's downtown core. SDOT's Center City projects include, but are not limited to: the Center City Connector (1st Avenue streetcar), Third Avenue Transit Corridor Improvements, and Pike/Pine Improvements Project. The selected artist will guide and influence the development of a public art plan that creates a robust, cohesive, and long-range vision for SDOT's 1% for Art programming in Seattle's downtown core.


This call is open to all professional artists residing in the United States and British Columbia and who are eligible to work in the U.S.


The new budget for this project is $45,000. The artist will receive $22,500.00 for phase I, the initial six months of the residency. $22,500.00 will be available for the art master plan development and delivery. All project fees are all inclusive of travel expenses, taxes and other project costs. Current Washington state sales/use tax rates apply to all artist contracts issued during the project, regardless of where the artist resides. This project is funded by Seattle Department of Transportation 1% for Art funds.


February 9, 2016


Phase I – Research/Residency
The selected artist will be commissioned to guide and influence the development of a public art plan that creates a robust, cohesive, and long-range vision for SDOT’s 1% for Art programming in Seattle’s downtown core. The artist will work for approximately six months, beginning April 2016 and running through September 2016. During Phase 1 of the project, the artist will work with SDOT staff, project design team consultants such as SvR Design Company, and project stakeholders and community members, in addition to other city partners, such as the Department of Planning and Development, Department of Neighborhoods, Lake2Bay, and Downtown Seattle Association/Municipal Improvement District to examine Seattle’s capital projects in the downtown core. A work space is available in SDOT, if helpful to the position, but some work may be conducted remotely. SDOT liaisons will help the artist understand the work of the department, arrange meetings and site visits, facilitate meet-the-artist activities, staff meetings, and one-on-one meetings with SDOT and partner staff.  The artist may also interview community members, business stakeholders, or government departments participating in downtown developments.
The artist's study and research activities will inform a public art master plan that willbring cohesion to the various capital projects slated for downtown Seattle. At mid-point of the first six-months of the research period, the artist will present a progress report to SDOT and ARTS staff indicating possible directions for the art master plan. Upon completion of the six-month research, the artist will prepare and deliver a final report including an outline for the art master plan. The artist’s proposal will be reviewed by SDOT and the Office of Arts & Culture.

Phase II – Public Art Master Plan
Using the information gathered during the research phase, the artist will develop a Public Art Master Plan that outlines potential for public art projects to be incorporated into SDOT’s capital projects in downtown Seattle. The artist will be encouraged to develop a plan that provides the following:

  • Cohesive Vision: outlines a conceptually cohesive, multi-disciplinary approach to art projects and programming that connects individuals and communities to SDOT’s efforts to enhance the experience of all users; pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, and drivers.
  • Budgets: works with Office of Arts & Culture to coordinate SDOT 1% for Art allocations and develop appropriately scaled and budgeted artwork projects while allowing future commissioned artists to develop their own conceptual approaches.
  • Equity and Cultural Space: creates a plan that is inclusive of and addresses the broad diversity of Seattle’s communities
  • Artistic Elements: creates a typology for public art by examining what artistic elements are appropriate and where; including, but not limited to, lighting, sound art, sculptural objects, wayfinding, temporary projects, and more. The artist can show successful precedents and may have the opportunity to propose future projects for their own work.
  • Impactful Sites: identifies highly visible, easily accessible, and symbolic sites shared by many user groups while providing history and context of downtown as a whole.
  • Programmatic Directions: identifies project types, precedents, partners, and resources; with a special focus on opportunities for temporary projects, community engagement, broader city priorities, and diverse disciplines.
  • Public Art and Private Development: acknowledges and provides guidelines and tools for private artwork, linking developers’ public art investments to broader urban design and aesthetic goals.


Tuesday, February 9,  2016, 11 p.m. PST – deadline for application
Tuesday, February 23, 2016 – selection panel convenes to review applications
Tuesday, March 22, 2016 – finalists interviewed by selection panel
April 2016 – artist contracted


#ArtsTechSEA flash talks at Seattle Startup Week


THURSDAY 29 OCTOBER 2015, 6:30 - 8:30 PM


Aktionsart invites you to a special editio of the Seattle Arts Tech Meetup, organized in partnership with Seattle Startup Week and Kremwerk.

This is your moment to take the stage (literally, a stage) and talk about whatever you want, within the realm of art and tech, for a max of four minutes.

Ideas: recent projects you've been working on, ideas, manifestos, speeches, how your organization/business is creatively using tech, or perhaps simply introduce yourself and tell us about what type of people you are interesting in meeting or collaborating with through this group.


6:30 - 6:45 // Arrive at venue and sign up for a slot, send images
6:45 - 8:15 // Talks
8:15 - 9 // Socialize

Each presenter may bring one image to share during their talk. Transfer the file to us from your phone/laptop/etc when you arrive and sign up.

If you want to stay for the show at 9PM, please make a donation toward the ticket price ($12) at the door.




Deadline: October 1, 2015, 5PM
Eligibility: Open to professional artists living in the USA and Canada
Budget: $300,000 - 500,000

The Port of Seattle Art Program seeks two artists/artist teams to each create a site-specific artwork for a highly visible wall in Sea-Tac Airport’s North Satellite Terminal renovation. The art will contribute to the design team’s development of a “Northwest Sense of Place” that refers to the region’s natural, mediated, and/or synthetic landscape.

To guide development of the terminal and its artwork, the team has identified a series of words that relate to the region’s diverse culture and spirit, environment, history and industry: adventure, biophilic, curiosity, experience, experimentation, and exploration, frontier of possibility, innovation and risk-taking.

The selected artists will consider these descriptors and work with the design team to integrate artwork into the overall building design and provide continuity within the terminal.

While kinetic and technological artwork are not of interest, the team is open to a variety of other media and methods including metal, glass, ceramic tile, energy efficient lighting, projection, and sound elements that have a track record of low maintenance.